Commercial Real Estate

It Takes Vision

Working in commercial real estate takes foresight.

Glimpsing the future and recognizing that an empty office building will become a location of choice for businesses in your city – or understanding that the next big thing will happen right where you’re standing – is all part of the game.

You understand the rewards and are willing to take the risks.

And your real estate agent should be focused. Focused on your goals, your business – your vision.

Your agent should not only know the risks, but advise you on how to avoid or minimize them.

RE/MAX Commercial practitioners have the background.

Commercial agents typically join RE/MAX upon entering the strongest phase of their careers. They have the experience, knowledge, and independence that translates into client relationships built on trust.

Whether you’re looking at a straightforward local transaction or for a top-notch team when it’s time for you to buy, sell, lease or restructure your property interests, RE/MAX Commercial practitioners are some of the most responsive and results oriented agents in commercial real estate. That’s why RE/MAX commercial agents close billions of dollars in transactions annually.

Business Relationships

Relationships in business are essential.

At many of the largest commercial real estate companies, your relationship is with the company, not the agent. So you pick the company, they pick your agent. And for the next transaction, the faces may change.

For a RE/MAX Commercial practitioner, business relationships are Personal.

Once you form a relationship with a RE/MAX Commercial Practitioner, they will be there to help you with every aspect of your business development, from your first transaction to your last.

Because each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated, RE/MAX agents also have the freedom and flexibility to conduct business their way. They’re versatile professionals with the imagination and innovation to help you advance your business.

Wherever your commercial interests lie, your relationship with a RE/MAX Commercial practitioner will enable you to quickly gather the information you need to identify a course of action that delivers maximum value to your company or to your individual portfolio.

If you’re looking for someone you can count on, look no further than a RE/MAX Commercial practitioner.

It Takes Knowledge

You see the potential – whether it’s in a vacant lot, an office building, retail center or industrial park.

But to realize your vision, you need an expert. RE/MAX Commercial Practitioners have the knowledge. No matter what the transaction involves, there’s a RE/MAX Commercial practitioner specializing in your area of interest.

Believe that knowledge is vital to success, many RE/MAX Commercial practitioners hold advanced degrees and professional designations. Hundreds of RE/MAX professionals either possess or are candidates for the CCIM Institute’s prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation.

A CCIM is a recognized expert in commercial and investment real estate, and the RE/MAX Commercial practitioner have access to many other comprehensive educational and training programs through their association with the RE/MAX network.

A RE/MAX Commercial practitioner’s knowledge will help you understand trends in your marketplace so that when you’re ready to act, everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

It Takes an Edge.

In today’s commercial marketplace, competition is fierce. If you’re not anticipating the future, you’re falling behind. There’s always someone out there looking for ways to do business smarter, better and faster.

RE/MAX Commercial practitioners have the global advantage.

As a benefit of belonging to a worldwide network of independent offices and agents, RE/MAX Commercial practitioners have access to unparalleled technology and information systems.

RE/MAX agents anywhere in the world can post their commercial listings on the RE/MAX Commercial page on In 2007, the commercial listing side of averaged more than 73,000 visits per month, and RE/MAX continued to be the highest-ranked real estate sales organization on Google searches for “commercial real estate”.

And the benefits don’t end there. RE/MAX is one of the most recognized brands in the world. This instant name recognition, combined with specialized RE/MAX Commercial branding, delivers everything you need to set your properties apart. With high-quality, focused signage that broadcasts a clear message, and a national advertising campaign to back it up, RE/MAX Commercial is fast becoming a powerhouse in commercial real estate markets around the world. 


It Takes a Network.

The RE/MAX network has thousands of commercial and investment practitioners who provide commercial real estate services to the global market. What does this mean for You?

By forming a relationship with a RE/MAX Commercial practitioner, you not only have access to a specialist in your local market but also to information, markets, technology and a team of experts from around the world.

Cementing a relationship with one RE/MAX Commercial practitioner means you tap into a network of people who are constantly sharing ideas and information. You get the combined knowledge of a network that has been in commercial real estate for more than 20 years.

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